Academic Research

Academic contributions by the team on the topic of legacy published in books, peer-reviewed journals and special reports from 2013.

Article 2019

Whatever You Say, Say Nothing

Researching Memory & Identity in Mid-Ulster 1945-1969’, Bryson, A.

 Special Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of Oral History – Oral History Journal@50: The Voice of History 

Article 2019

Women Lawyers and the Struggle for Change in Conflict and Transition

McEvoy, K., Transitional Justice in Law, History and Anthropology eds. Lia Kent and Melissa Demian (Routledge) 24pp.

Academic Article 2018

‘Metaconflict and International Human Rights Law in Dealing with the Past’, L. Mallinder

8(1) Cambridge International Law Journal pp. 5-38 

Article focused on Unionist submissions to the NIO Consultation on the SHA draft bill

Engages with themes around the alleged imbalance in legacy investigations and the statute of limitations

Report 2018

Brexit and the Peace Process

C. Harvey(QUB), A. Kramer (QUB), K. McEvoy (QUB), A. Bryson (QUB), R. O’Connell (UU), B. Gormally (CAJ), C. Holder (CAJ), F. O’Hagan (CAJ), E. Patterson-Bennett (CAJ) & G. McKeown (CAJ)

BrexitLawNI Report, 39pp.

Report 2018

‘Reflected Lives’: Intergenerational Oral Histories of Belfast’s Peace Wall Communities

Bryson, A., Hickey, R. & Lorimer, S., Belfast Interface Project, 93pp. Foreword, Bryson, A.

Journal 2018

Transitional Justice in Social and Legal Studies Revisited, Special Edition

Transitional Justice in Social and Legal Studies Revisited, McEvoy, K. & Bryson, A.

Editorial ‘Introduction to Transitional Justice in Social and Legal Studies Revisited’

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