Our Media Contributions

Articles written by the team for news blogs and papers

Just News, Louise Mallinder July 2018

The Proposals on the Independent Commission on Information Retrieval

EamonnMaillie.com, Anna Bryson and Louise Mallinder July 2018

We still do not have an agreed narrative on the past

EamonnMaillie.com, Louise Mallinde June 2018

The Complexities of Sequencing Criminal Investigations and Information Recovery

The Guardian, Kieran McEvoy May 2018

Investigations into the Troubles are vital – and that includes ex-soldiers

The Irish Times, Kieran McEvoy March 2018

The legacy of the Troubles and the Law

Slugger O’Toole, Kieran McEvoy and Luke Moffet October 2017

Pensions, Reparations and Reintegration: Parallel Processes for Injured Ex-Combatants and Civilians

Belfast Telegraph, Kieran McEvoy June 2017

Is the price of an amnesty for the security forces just too high to contemplate?

Just News, Louise Mallinder May 2017

Defence Committee Report calls for a “Statute of Limitations” on Prosecutions of British soldiers

Belfast Telegraph, Kieran McEvoy April 2017

Stormont Legacy Issues Impasse can be overcome with legal imagination

Rights NI, Louise Mallinder October 2015

Verifying Information at the Independent Commission on Information Retrieval

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