Media Coverage

Members of the team have been interviewed, referenced or quoted in print, broadcast and online media hundreds of times since the project began in 2013. The list below shows how widely the work of the team has been disseminated, both locally in Northern Ireland, but also in the rest of the UK and Ireland. Broadly 10% of the coverage of the team's work has been negative, while 90% is positive or neutral.

Irish News, Bimpe Archer December 2020

Archbishop of Canterbury 'not chairing legacy process' - Lambeth Palace

Newsletter, Ben Lowry December 2020

Archbishop Welby has been played for a fool in talks, which raise questions for DUP

Newsletter, Adam Kula December 2020

Irish state involved in secret legacy talks ‘as partners of UK’, Brian Rowan December 2020

Legacy Talks in plain sight – but no one was looking

Belfast Telegraph, Suzanne Breen December 2020

Secret legacy talks a 'kick in the teeth' for victims

BBC Radio Ulster December 2020

Talkback- Interview with Kieran McEvoy

Brian Rowan, Former BBC Correspondent “That the report that Kieran McEvoy and his team, along with the CAJ, compiled, where they examined all of the variety legacy initiatives, was publicly released back in April."

BBC Radio Ulster - Interview with Kieran McEvoy December 2020

Talkback - Serious concerns are being raised by one victims group about meetings exploring legacy

BBC Radio Ulster December 2020

The Nolan Show - Discussion about Lambeth Palace Talks

Newsletter, Mark Rainey December 2020

Troubles victims angered by ‘secret’ Lambeth Palace talks on legacy issues

The Times, Sean O'Neill; Neil Johnston November 2020

Pub bombs suspect would serve only two years in jail

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