Stormont House Agreement: Model Implementation Bill

The purpose of drafting a Model Bill was to explore in the necessary level of detail how the past-related elements of the Stormont House Agreement could be implemented in practice, in a way that would be human rights compliant and answer the needs of victims and broader society. It was decided to take on the responsibility of putting forward practical proposals, within the parameters of the Agreement, rather than producing what the drafters would think of as a perfect model. The idea was to influence the official drafting of legislation while reflecting a human rights based approach and the perspective of civil society. During the drafting process, the team held meetings to share the work in progress and to consult with the Department of Justice, the Northern Ireland Office, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, the Legacy Practitioners Group of NGOs, lawyers and academics, political representatives and other stakeholders.  A draft version of the model bill was launched at a conference at the House of Lords in May 2015.

K. McEvoy, A. Bryson, B. Gormally, D. Greenberg, J. Hill, D. Holder, L. Mallinder & G. McKeown

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, Spring 2016