Contributions to academic conferences and seminars

Members of the team have contributed to academic conferences and seminars at home and internationally by presenting papers, chairing discussions, giving plenary addresses and keynote speeches.

Anna Bryson and Kieran McEvoy September 2017

“Saying sorry like you mean it”: towards a victim centred understanding of apology & acknowledgement’’

European Criminology Conference, Cardiff

Louise Mallinder June 2017

‘The Role of Lawyers in Political Negotiations in Conflict and Transition’

Law and Society Annual Convention, Mexico City

Kieran McEvoy June 2017

‘Victims and the Legacy of the Past.’

Plenary Address, Victims and Survivors Conference, Belfast.

Kieran McEvoy May 2017

‘Lawyering, Professionalism & Struggle in Conflict and Transition’

Annual Socio-Legal Lecture: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

Kieran McEvoy April 2017

‘Saying Sorry Like You Mean It.’

Conference Paper: Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, University of Newcastle.

Anna Bryson January 2017

‘Bringing Oral Archives Back into the Community: Legal, Ethical and Practical Challenges’

Launch of Community Oral History Project, Ballinacreen

Kieran McEvoy October 2016

‘Lawyers, Causes and Political Violence: Legal Professionalism in Conflict and Transition’

Plenary Address: Lawyers in Transition Conference, QUB.

Anna Bryson October 2016

‘Oral History and the Stormont House Agreement’

Invited contributor to expert symposium on ‘Historians and the Stormont House Agreement’, Hertford College, Oxford

Anna Bryson October 2016

‘Structure, Agency & Exceptionalism: Female Lawyers and the Struggle for Change in Conflict and Transition’

Lawyers, Conflict & Transition Conference, Queen’s University Belfast

Anna Bryson and Kieran McEvoy June 2016

‘Female Lawyers in Conflict & Transition: Obstacles, Opportunities and Obduracy’

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