Academic Research

Academic contributions by the team on the topic of legacy published in books, peer-reviewed journals and special reports from 2013.

Article 2020

Brexit, The Irish Peace Process, and the Limitations of Law

Bryson, A., McEvoy, K., & Kramer, A., Fordham International Law Journal, vol. 43 (3), pp. 609-668.

Book Chapter (in production) 2020

Cause Lawyers, Gender and Legitimation

In Lawyers in 21st Century Societies, Vol 2: Thematic Reports, eds. Sommerlad, H., Hammerslev, O., Schultz, U., Abel, R. (Hart Publishing) 30pp.

Article 2020

John Braithwaite, Standard ‘Bottom Up’ Praxis and Ex-combatants in Restorative Justice

McEvoy, K. & Albert, A., International Journal of Restorative Justice, 3,1, pp94-105

Book (under contract) 2020

Lawyers in Conflict and Transition

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Law and Society Series)

Article 2020

The Empire Strikes Back: Brexit, The Irish Peace Process, and the Limitations of Law.

Fordham International Law Journal, Bryson, A., Kramer, A. & McEvoy, K., 43,3, pp608-668

Book Chapter 2020

Transitional Justice, Historicity and Praxis in Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland

Bryson, A., Transitional Justice Beyond Blueprints: Cultural and Political Contexts ed. Garbett, C. & Wastell, S. (Routledge, Transitional Justice Series) 25pp

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