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Members of the team have been interviewed, referenced or quoted in print, broadcast and online media hundreds of times since the project began in 2013. The list below shows how widely the work of the team has been disseminated, both locally in Northern Ireland, but also in the rest of the UK and Ireland. Broadly 10% of the coverage of the team's work has been negative, while 90% is positive or neutral.

Newsletter, A letter from Dr WB Smith December 2020

Lambeth Palace legacy talks pair need to engage with critics of the process

Newsletter, Mark Rainey December 2020

Lambeth Palace legacy talks postponed due to victims’ concerns

BBC Radio Ulster December 2020

The Nolan Show - Security journalist Brian Rowan shares insight on controversial Lambeth Palace legacy talks

Brian Rowan, Former BBC Security Editor: “If you go back to that interview that Kieran McEvoy did with me in April, he said in that interview, April 9th, that he had been speaking with the NIO, with the Department of Forgein Affairs, the British Army, Loyalist and Republican representatives, the PSNI and that he had presented his work to the victims forum and that he had also discussed with with the victims commission. So Kieran McEvoy isn’t making that up. It happened and it’s now up to others to say why they were involved and what they think.”

Belfast Telegraph, Mark Edwards December 2020

Those attending London legacy talks forum 'were told to keep it confidential', whistleblower claims

Newsletter, Niall Deeney December 2020

Lambeth Palace talks: Concern around secrecy is ‘genuine’ says UUP’s Doug Beattie

BBC Radio Ulster December 2020

Talkback Interview with Kieran McEvoy

Sir George Hamilton, Former Chief Constable: “I see this as just another example of well-intended, well-connected people who are completely invested in this place and are making it better for all of use doing their level best….Anyone who takes the time to read the report will see that it is not some form or challenge to anybody or anything, it is trying to make sense of the legacy journey that we’ve been on and all the various stalls and frankly failed attempts at resolving the legacy issue. And I would think it’s good that we would have the brain power from academia and the connections and the motivation and the altruism from civic society and church leaders in trying to nudge this thing forward.”

Breidge Gadd, former Head of Northern Ireland Probation Service: “If the SoS has learnt something from Lambeth conference that he didn’t know before, I’m delighted. And thank you Kieran and thank everyone who’s putting their heads above the parapet and taking a lot of flack for doing something that is in the best interests of Northern Ireland.”

BBC Radio Ulster December 2020

The Nolan Show - Discussion about Lambeth Palace Talks

Newsletter, Mark Rainey December 2020

Ex RUC slam ‘sneaky’ Lambeth Palace talks on legacy, as do victims of terrorism

Irish Times, Freya McClements December 2020

Taoiseach says he will meet Arlene Foster over IRA collusions claims

BBC News, Julian O’Neill December 2020

The Troubles: Organisers defend NI legacy event in London

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