Our Conferences and Seminars

Since 2013, we have held numerous public conferences, seminars and events in order to share our work, gain feedback and insight from stakeholders and encourage the debate on the past in Northern Ireland. Listed below are conferences that we have organised, either as a team, or in partnership with other organisations.

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Moot Court, School of Law, QUB October 2018

Conference: Truth and Reconciliation Platform

School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast August 2018

Launch Event: Response to NIO Consultation: Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland's Past

Queen’s University Belfast May 2018

Public Seminar: NIO Legacy Consultation, QUB

Moot Court, School of Law Queens University Belfast April 2017

Launch Event: Dealing with the Past: A Proposed Model for Information Redaction under the Stormont House Agreement

House of Lords, Westminster October 2015

Launch Event: 'Model Bill' for Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland

Belfast September 2015

Launch Event: Implementing the Stormont House Agreement: Model Legislation and Treaty on Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland

Discussion and Public Consultation Ulster University, Belfast May 2015

Conference: Implementing the Stormont House Agreement - Model Implementation Bill

Great Hall, Queen’s University Belfast October 2014

Conference - Remedying the Past

STORMONT HOTEL February 2014

Dealing with the Past 2014

Exhibition Centre, Europa Hotel May 2013

Law, Prosecutions & Truth Recovery Conference