Conference: Truth and Reconciliation Platform

17th October 2018

The Apologies, Abuses and Dealing with the Past project team are delighted to welcome Stephen Travers and the Truth and Reconciliation Platform (TaRP) to Queen’s University Belfast.  

Stephen Travers, survivor of The Miami Showband Massacre of July 31st 1975, has, in the years since that attack, visited troubled parts of the world and spoken at international conferences on the needs and concerns of victims. In 2016, Stephen founded TaRP with his friend and colleague, Eugene Reavey. In their words, TaRP was established ‘to give victims, regardless of their political, religious or cultural background, an opportunity to speak for themselves; to tell their own story - in their own words - so that the terrible consequences of political violence will never be forgotten and the mistakes of the past will never be repeated.’  

During the event, TaRP speakers shared their stories and engaged in a discussion on issues of truth, reconciliation, apology and acknowledgement.