Academic Research

Academic contributions by the team on the topic of legacy published in books, peer-reviewed journals and special reports from 2013.

Report 2017

Dealing with the Past in Northern Ireland: A Proposed Model for Information Redaction under the Stormont House Agreement, K. McEvoy

QUB Human Rights Centre. 11 pp.

Book 2017

Transitional Justice, K McEvoy & L. Mallinder

Critical Concepts in Law, Routledge, 490pp

Academic Article 2016

‘Justice, Truth and Oral History: Legislating the Past “From Below” in Northern Ireland’, A. Bryson & K. McEvoy

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, vol. 67(1), pp. 67-90.

Academic Article 2016

‘The End of Amnesty or Regional Overreach? Interpreting the Erosion of South America's Amnesty Laws’, L. Mallinder

63(3) International & Comparative Law Quarterly pp. 645-680

Book Chapter 2016

‘Victimhood in Transitional Justice’ K. McConnanchie & K. McEvoy

Reconceptualising Critical Victimology, Spencer, D. & Walklate, S. (eds.) London: Lexington Books pp 111-133 

Academic Article 2016

‘Victims, Violence and Voice: Transitional Justice, Oral History and Dealing with the Past’, A. Bryson

Hastings International and Comparative Law Journal, vol. 39 (2), pp. 299-353

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