Media Coverage

Members of the team have been interviewed, referenced or quoted in print, broadcast and online media hundreds of times since the project began in 2013. The list below shows how widely the work of the team has been disseminated, both locally in Northern Ireland, but also in the rest of the UK and Ireland. Broadly 10% of the coverage of the team's work has been negative, while 90% is positive or neutral.

Belfast Telegraph Letters, Liam Kennedy September 2020

Liam Kennedy: The reality is that paramilitary organisations, and not the state, did the vast majority of killings and maimings

The Irish News, Connla Young May 2020

Government legacy proposals ‘would breach convention’

Belfast Telegraph, Mark Bain May 2020

Mixed response to report on legacy issues

Slugger O’Toole Website, Brian Walker April 2020

Breakthrough news on the Troubles legacy. Legal critics of the UK government recommend a case by case amnesty, Brian Rowan April 2020

Legacy Fallout – why did the NIO go on a solo run?

Irish Legal News April 2020

Legal experts warn latest legacy proposals incompatible with human rights laws

BBC News, Julian O’Neill April 2020

No jail time proposal for Troubles offenders

The Irish Times, Gerry Moriarty April 2020

Report floats proposal that no one should serve time in prison for Troubles killings

Slugger O’Toole, Brian Walker April 2020

Pressure for a Troubles amnesty continues to mount.

Slugger O’Toole Website, Brian Walker March 2020

Major Battle likely over the UK governments latest legacy plans

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